Pink Rose™ Hair Curler


Pink Rose™ Automatic Hair Curler is an upgraded edition hair curler by Pink Remedy with automatic curling technology. Easy curl with long-lasting result, complicated hair styling was made simple and suitable for users of all ages with or without any experience. Just few simple steps and enjoy your new look in minutes!

Celebrity - Esther Yu

  • Automatic curling — easy to use with or without experience
  • Adjustable temperatures settings — personalized for different hair texture
  • Heat protection cover  prevent burning on your fingers or face
  • Two-way swirling  style your hair in your desired direction
  • Anti-stuck mechanism  prevent pulling and damage to your hair
Automatic Curling
  • Adjustable temperatures settings, our hair curler has a selection of preset temperature settings for each hair texture, creating a personalized styling experience while avoiding unnecessary heat damage.
  • Heat protection cover, double-layered heat protection cover is designed to prevent burning on your fingers or face, ideal for long hair styling as well as short-hair users who need to hold the wand close to the facial skins.
  • Two-way swirling, choose the left spin/ right spin button to automatically style your hair in your desired direction to get your fabulous new look. 

  • Upgraded circular heating core, the diameter of the heating barrel is about 21mm to 30mm. It can heat up rapidly in 1-2 minutes, until the temperature indicator light turns solid.
  • Tourmaline Ceramic technology, our hair curler can produce far infrared ray heat and regulate the effect of anion so that your hair is brighter, healthier and shinier. Tourmaline is a crystal boron silicate mineral that aids in the hair smoothing process. Tourmaline emits negative ions that counteract the positive ions present in dry or damaged hair.
  • Anti-stuck mechanism, smart sensors installed in every unit to automatically cutoff the power when it senses pulling or tangling beyond threshold. This can prevent pulling and damage to your hair.
  • Energy efficient & safe to use, extremely low watts and all electric parts are ETL certified for safe use. 110-220V dual voltage to work safely anywhere in the world with a local power adapter.
  1. Place your hair in the barrel
  2. Hold the left or right spin button for automatic swirling
  3. Take out your hair after the beep sound
How to curl away from your face

Away from the face means placing the hair in the chamber with U-barrel facing out and curl in a clockwise direction on the right side of your face and a counter-clockwise direction on the left side.

  • Right side of head, left button on tool, and place hair on left side of chamber
  • Left side of head, right button on tool, and place hair on right side of chamber

What Happens When You Curl Your Hair Toward Your Face

Generally speaking, most people curl their hair away from their face most of the time—and for good reason. It opens up your whole look and makes you look inviting and friendly. But curling toward your face has pluses too, which you can see here on Jessica Alba:

It makes your waves look shaggier and beachier, so they have a more boho-y feel. So if that's the vibe you're going for, now you know how to do it.

  • For sexy, defined curls, try alternating the direction of your curls as you make your way around your head. And while you're at it, never curl the hair around your face towards your face.
  • For a more natural look, you'll want to curl your hair away from your face. Curling away from the face enhances and opens the face. (See "How To: 3 Simple Steps" for the tutorial on how to curl away from your face.)
  • Recommended use it with dry hair 
  • Brush your hair to remove tangles before using
  • Place just 1" (2.5cm) width strand of hair inside the barrel once at a time 
  • Curl your hair from bottom to top
  • Use hairspray for longer lasting curls
  • Use lower heat settings for wigs or extension made of human hair
  • Run a comb through the tight curls afterwards to give more of a beachy wave

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